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What is Vermilingua Marketing?

Anteater Web Design/ March 17, 2016/ General/ 0 comments

Some people ask why we chose the name “Anteater” for our brand – it just sounded cool! We decided to come up with something different and unique, so Vermilingua was the way to go. However, that didn’t match very well, it was difficult for many people to say, and it was even more of an issue for people to spell it correctly.

So, that’s how our marketing and website company was born!

Putting Together An Effective Fantasy Football Site With The Right Elements

Anteater Web Design/ July 11, 2016/ Website Design/ 0 comments

If you need to create a website about your fantasy football website or one for someone else with one, you will learn what to do here. You are going to want to plan this kind of website out carefully. That way, you can put everything together and have a website that looks nice, contains the right information, and is easy to navigate.


People who haven’t used your fantasy site’s services before are going to want to know more about it. Your home page should have a description of the specific types of games you offer and a link to learn more through an about page of some kind. That way, people are not going to have to wade through a lot of content on your home page and can instead be lead to where they can learn more when they have the time to.

Remember that a lot more people these days are looking at fantasy football websites on a mobile device. You can create a responsive page that actually changes depending on what size someone’s browser window is. You can use a theme on a WordPress site that features this functionality if you wish to easily implement it on your website. These days, Google has been favoring mobile-friendly websites in their search results, so by using a responsive layout you are actually going to increase your chances of ranking well. This will help you to get more traffic, and makes your site easier to use.

Have a calendar on the website that people can look through, and make sure you mark it whenever you know of something that is coming up. You can list various events that people can attend, and then have hours and times that regulars can come and attend training or other interest podcasts or events. If you have the ability to add descriptions to events with a calendar you’re using, you can make sure that people know what the event is, how much it costs to attend, and any other information they may need. Of course, you can include your phone number and email address on every page of your company website so if people have questions they can get a hold of someone.

You can sell items related to football or fantasy sports on this website. Creating a page for each product that has a description and a picture is a good start. Then you can use a plugin to create a shopping cart that people can add items to. This is easy to do through a content management system like WordPress with an e-commerce plugin. Always read up on keeping customer information secure so you don’t end up getting hacked and then having your customer data get stolen.

This information on how to create a fantasy sports website and what the important elements of one can get you started. You need to take this slow and think out each aspect of the website. The better you do, the more likely your website is to be a success!

Growth Hacking & SEO – Do They Work?

Anteater Web Design/ April 11, 2016/ SEO/ 0 comments

“Growth Hacking” is a new concept that has been going around. It is used by businesses to get a leg up on the rest in their niche. Does it work or is it a useless new idea that does not deserve a lot of time and effort?

Before looking at the viability of growth hacking as a marketing concept, you have to know what it does as that is key. You should understand how the concept is going to function before you start to dive into specifics.

Let’s define growth hacking and then move towards its benefits.

Defining It

Let’s start by talking about “Growth Hacking” as a concept to decide what it is all about.

The idea is something that has generated a lot of intrigue because the vision is shifted. In general, marketing is done for the purpose of earning money. You hope to get more people to come in, so you are generating conversions. A simple process that has been passed down since businesses came about.

You don’t do this with growth hacking. Instead, the “hacker” is looking to gain exposure. This is their only goal, and everything else comes second.

If money is being spent, they are spending it to gain exposure and not to earn money (at least in the short-term). Eventually, growth hacking can sustain itself because the business grows and a lot of people know about it.

Does It Work

Absolutely. It works like a charm. Airbnb is a prime example of growth hacking at its finest. They were able to viral with what they were doing, and it has shone light towards how useful this technique can be.

You just have to spread the word and let people know more about what is being done. They will do the rest when it comes viral.


You are getting more people to know about the business, and that is the goal for long-term growth. When you have people talking about you, this means you are on their mind, and that is great. You never want to run a business that is not on the minds of the target market.

You also get a chance to grow the brand by getting the name out there. People understand your name when they get to hear it, and that is key. You want them to relate to it, and that is why it works.

Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of getting your website ranked higher in searches when people type the products and services you offer into search engines. For example, if someone is looking for a search marketing company to help them, they may be searching for “marketing consultant” or “Chicago SEO” to find the top marketing company in the listings.

Growth hacking is one of the more efficient methods of growing, and those who are not doing it will stick behind. You will see some of the world’s largest businesses hiring people who specialize in this technique to help them out in the long-term. They love how it is done and feel it can do a substantial amount for them in the end.

You just need to get a gist of how it can grow and help you out because growth hacking is the way to how things will be done in the future.